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Stunning Wedding Photo & Cinema. With a bunch of very creative people.

We are a bunch of crazily inspired story-tellers who are on a mission to change the way Indian Weddings are perceived across the world. We value emotions more than anything else and put all our heart & soul in your wedding photographs.

Wedding Photography India

It's not just photo & cinema. It is visual story-telling.

Meet The Team. Four names, one magic.

Indian Wedding Photography
Rishabh Agarwal Creative Director
With a background in engineering and technology, Rishabh brings the innovation in every wedding photography project with his skill and imagination.
Candid Indian Wedding Photography
Raj Singh Pundeer Cinematographer
Seeing the world in 16:9 aspect ratio is the super power of Raj. The lead cinematographer, he is the secret magic sauce behind the stories in motion.
Destination Wedding Photographer
Mayur Goel Line Producer
Story telling is what defines Mayur. A product of Xavier Institute of Communication, he has a full time job of putting the pieces of a puzzle together.
Indian Candid Wedding Photographer
Prakhar Kumar Sound Designer
Proficient in playing countless instruments, Prakhar comes from Nathaniel School of Music and brings along an amazing sense of sound design with him.

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Real People, Real Stories. Because there are amazing stories outside movies too. Check out the full weddings and stories on our PhotoBlog!

Indian Wedding Photography
Saumya & Arpan New Delhi, India
A beautiful half bengali wedding blended in a lot of love an emotions from India! Check it out
Candid Indian Wedding Photography
Kartik & Preetika New Delhi, India
Kartik sees Preetika in a graduation ceremoney where he instantly falls in love. Fate brought them together in the same office. Check it out
Destination Wedding Photographer
Tricia & Hemant New Delhi, India
A Leela Palace roof-top wedding with 50 people and a couple totally in love. A perfect blend of simpliciy and style. Check it out
Indian Candid Wedding Photographer
Sneha & Dhruva Kanpur, India
A beautiful story from the beautiful town of Kanpur. This is as simple and as beautiful and Indian Wedding can get. Check it out

What do we have for you. See Below, You Might Be Interested!

Planning your dream wedding? Let us make it magical for you. From exotic destination weddings to absolute private weddings, we shoot and film everything. You give us your story, we'll make sure it's protected in the form of ever lasting memories. Sounds like a fair deal?

Wedding Photography

World class wedding photography which speaks emotions. Every tiny story from your wedding day beautifully captured in well-thought frames and presented before you to re-live those at any point in time.

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Wedding Films

Remember the boring wedding videos which used to last for hours having no story? We decided to move away from the "videos" and bring in "Wedding Films". See your wedding day in nothing short of a bollywood movie.

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Wedding Albums

Ever thought of getting inside your dreams and just hugging your loved ones? Our luxury wedding albums will let you do that in a truly classy way! Don't just see the photographs. Feel them in your hands.

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